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Christiana Borghi

Why I like marketing
Marketing presents a challenge to understand what excites the user while being sure to convey a message in the clearest way possible. In order to correctly communicate information, one must delve inside the thoughts of their peers, understanding that individuals think in different ways. I enjoy finding solutions to the questions that marketing asks.

Ideal project
An ideal project would be anything that uses new technology or techniques. I take pleasure in doing a lot of research before beginning a project, and having to teach myself new technology keeps me up to date. I love finding new ways to communicate information, whether it be through color, movement, sound, or connection.

Source of inspiration
Magazines and print materials still inspire me much more than anything digital. The magazine aisle in a bookstore is my favorite place to browse. I enjoy finding new publications that excite me. Being able to flip through pages allows for a fluid and creative stream of consciousness.

Biggest challenge
Every new project is a challenge that poses a problem. Coming to the final solution is the biggest challenge, but also the most rewarding aspect.

Favorite weekend activity
Walking around Philadelphia with my camera, purposefully getting lost. I love popping in and out of shops and galleries. I enjoy being in the company of family and friends who are a positive light in my life.

Thing I get excited about
I love textiles and patterns. Fabric and interior design really excite me. I’ll find a new style I want to capture and take relish in finding the most cost-efficient way to accomplish it.

Best place to eat in town
Café America.