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Deidre McVey

Why I like marketing
I like marketing because I like to see how a business approaches and attempts to capture their audience. It is a great interest of mine to help a company grow and expand.

Ideal project
My ideal project would be a project that allows me to be hands on both physically and mentally.

Source of inspiration
My family and friends play a large role in my life but I think my biggest source of inspiration is music. I am always looking and listening to new music, tapping a beat or singing along to old favorites.

Biggest challenge
As a perfectionist, I tend to be over critical of myself, believing I can always do better, so “shutting off” and accepting things as they are can be a challenge.

Favorite weekend activity
My family has had a house in Sea Isle City, New Jersey for about 50 years so the weekends that I get to spend down there with family and friends are my favorite kinds of weekends.

Thing I get excited about
Crossing the bridge into Sea Isle on a Friday night after a long week.

Best place to eat in town
Village Bagel - The Morning Glory breakfast sandwich is amazing!