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Julie Baines

Why I like marketing
I find it interesting. I’m intrigued by how influential it can be.

Ideal project
One that I need to really wrap my brain around. One of those projects when the client starts with “I’m not sure what we need, but I know you’ll figure it out.”

Source of inspiration
Everyday life. I notice the little things in life and often find myself inspired by the most obscure details. Like, the ridiculous promises made on the back of my shampoo or the way light filters through the trees in my yard.

Biggest challenge
Turning “it” off and giving my brain a vacation.

Favorite weekend activity
Sipping a margarita on the deck of our beach house as the sun sets over the bay. The margarita definitely helps me turn “it” off.

Thing I get excited about
Long summer nights.

Best place to eat in town
The Vintage Grill for breakfast—and may I never find out how many calories are in the French toast stuffed with apple chutney cream cheese.