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Kerry Ruland

Why I like marketing
I enjoy marketing for its fast paced, exciting industry. It’s strategic and relatable. Challenging but rewarding. Marketing helps consumers realize what products and services will better their life. Who wants strife, when you can have a better life?

Ideal project
A project that is creative, out of the box and a reasonable deadline doesn’t hurt.

Source of inspiration
A lot of inspiration can come while people-watching at the airport. Or when I am watching a “based on a true story” movie or documentary. Also, during a good run.

Biggest challenge
Patience. Please run, walk, talk and/or drive faster. Apologies for honking. I’m in a hurry.

Favorite weekend activity
Anything that has food and wine involved. And a good workout so that I can enjoy more food and wine.

Thing I get excited about
Receiving non-billing mail/shipment. Target. A funny text. A good boardgame. Checking things off my to-do list. A full tank of gas. Vacuuming. A curly fry in a basket of regular fries. Someecards. Cheese. The light turning green before I’ve actually stopped. And of course, when Google has a special logo for a holiday or a deceased inventor’s birthday.

Best place to eat in town
A bit random but Bacco Bistro. B.Y.O.B., the Drunken Brooklyn and some amazing sweet & spicy wings. Yes, please!